Don’t worry bud

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I was waving around my friends light stick because he got tired of holding it. I was hoping someone would take a picture of the concert so maybe later I could find it on the instagram or tumblr. Which so happens, I did! :)

Thank you for taking this picture!!!! You made my day!

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new cliippp! 

This movie hasn’t even come out yet and the trailers are killing me! I don’t think I’m going to make it!

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Transparent cuties for your blog!
And since I went to the effort of making the whole thing transparent for my own purposes, I’m willing to share the full version - just drop a note and your email address into my ask box!

Edit: from here!

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Why Hiccup Shouldn’t Name Things

After the itchy-armpit scene. *Just a thought*

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Spring Break 2014

Enjoy it while it lasts…

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What is love? By Grooooovy

This is the best thing ever
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"Sometimes the feeling of what could’ve been is stronger than what actually happened because the memory of perfection lasts longer. And even though we didn’t end up together, you’ll never change the fact that you changed my life forever" — Dante Basco

Late birthday present for Mati

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